Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
TRC event discusses closing gap between industry and academia

TRC occasion discusses closing gap in between market and academia

The occasion was attended by Dr Ali al Shidhani, director of Research Centres at TRC.

It was revealed at the occasion that Ejaad, the electronic platform of the collaboration in between market sector in the power field and the academic and study institutions, has received seven challenges from the market sector in Oman to address and locate options via study.

The seven challenges are only accessible to the institutions that have currently signed with Ejaad, according to Dr Shidhani.

Ejaad was officially launched in December final year as a outcome of the collaboration in between TRC, Petroleum Development Oman and the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

Ejaad, with the slogan ‘Collaborate and Create Value’, is anticipated to permit the industrial sector to present the challenges it faces exactly where researchers at universities can access them electronically and propose suitable options. Ejaad e-platform bridges the gap in between market and academia.

The platform will also permit its subscribers to access information of researchers in Oman and the most recent laboratories and devices in the academic and industrial institutions. In future stages, the platform will permit the transfer of researchers from the academic sector to the industrial sector for the sake of experience exchange for the advantage of cadres in each the sides.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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