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TRA announces regulations for consumers to participate in auction of fancy mobile numbers

TRA announces regulations for customers to participate in auction of fancy mobile numbers

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Consumers seeking to get hold of fancy mobile telephone numbers will now get a likelihood to participate in auctions performed by the telecom operators below the strict guidance of Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). The upper limit of the auction value has been set at RO5,000, although the minimum quantity for diamond and gold numbers is RO100 and RO75 respectively.

Under the non-geographic public telecommunications numbers, TRA has divided particular numbers into 3 categories: diamond, gold and silver numbers. Silver numbers are not integrated in the auction and have a fixed value of RO50.

In a statement TRA stated that the present choice (No 1/2018) has been issued inside the framework of reaching transparency in the allocation of telecommunication numbers amongst customers of telecom solutions. “The diamond and gold numbers will be allocated through auction in accordance with the regulations set forth in the decision.”

The auctions will be held on the internet by means of telecom operator internet sites. “TRA requests all interested to register in the auction system (soon) and follow up advertisement of telecom companies about the first electronic auction of special numbers (diamond and golden).”
According to the TRA choice, the registration for the auction will start 3 days prior to the auction, with every registration costing RO20.

TRA allocates the operators a block of 100,000 numbers. Each block consists of a variety of particular numbers which are typically extracted separately. There are 5 varieties of diamond numbers, and seven of gold and silver numbers every.

According to the choice, trading of particular numbers is forbidden except with specific circumstances. The exception contains in between husband and wife or very first degree cousins supplied that they must prove such relation officially in between governmental organisation and organizations with a government stake and their staff and organizations that are classified as very first degree ones as per the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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