Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
Thousands visit festival venues over three days

Thousands pay a visit to festival venues more than 3 days

Long queues had been observed outdoors the Amerat Park and Naseem Gardens to see the festival. The Muscat Municipality has lined up a assortment of cultural and standard events each for adults and kids. The Amerat Park is seeing numerous shows such as acrobatic events, awareness programmes, blood donation camps, numerous contests and recreation programmes for kids. In addition, the venues also have cartoon characters roaming about to attract kids. Food courts also had been packed till late in the evening.

Abdullah Khamis, a businessman from Sohar who has set up his stall at the Heritage Village in Amerat Park mentioned, “The Heritage Village has been my favourite place since a few years. We get good response here as people are eager to try perfumes made of original frankincense from Salalah. One can witness the real Oman here. The first three days have been good.”

Tanya, an Indian kid at the festival mentioned she was really excited to see the fireworks. “Last year we came to the festival for five days and I loved the fireworks display.” Her father Abhishek added, “The entry fee is very reasonable and it is a family place where we can enjoy and learn more about the culture of this country.”

Some of the events to watch out for at the Amerat Park consist of the International Exhibition Centre, fireworks, theatre shows, electronic games and science museum. At the Naseem Gardens, guests can take pleasure in some of the very best amusement rides and take a appear at the enthralling Jurassic Park with ten various varieties of dinosaurs on show.

An official from the Muscat Municipality mentioned, “A lot of families visited the parks and the response has been great so far. We have beefed up the security, installed more CCTV cameras, increased the number of washrooms and volunteers. The officials are always on hand in case of any assistance or crisis.” The tickets expense 200bz for adults and 100bz for kids. (Entry is totally free for Omani kids). The festival concludes on February 10.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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