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The Sultan Center’s ‘We Care’ initiative helps prepare for ban of plastic bags

The Sultan Center’s ‘We Care’ initiative assists prepare for ban of plastic bags

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As Oman requires an eco-friendly step towards the customer segment The Sultan Center’s (TSC) ‘We Care’ initiative has gone green in ramping up its preparations for the ban of plastic bags in supermarkets. On July three, TSC Qurm distributed environmentally friendly bags totally free of charge reaching about three,000 consumers in assistance of the sultanate’s renewed environmental initiative.

Mahmoud al Sheikh, advertising manager at TSC, mentioned, “We are firmly committed to the government’s agenda in reducing the use of harmful materials and helping customers go green and think clean. TSC’s ‘We Care’ initiative hopes to inspire a positive change across its customer base and help bring the passionate global trend of ‘No Plastic’ to our society, which we must all take ownership for. This is critical to raise the quality of life for people in communities across Oman, as well as local wild life.”

The Specifications and Standards Committee at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry not too long ago convened on the new regulations for making use of plastic bags in supermarkets, which is scheduled for implementation. Reusable options such as cloth and jute carriers are higher on the agenda, specifically following devastating reports on how plastic is threatening the effectively-becoming of animals on each land and sea across Oman.

TSC’s ‘We Care’ programme delivers a broad variety of neighborhood-focused initiatives, ranging from international movements on environmental affairs and donation drives.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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