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The Royal Hospital wins GCC award for initiating multiple projects to improve patient experience

The Royal Hospital wins GCC award for initiating several projects to boost patient expertise

According to Dr Qassem al Salmi, director basic of The Royal Hospital, it began a programme in 2017 to boost overall performance by coaching 32 of its multidisciplinary staff on LEAN methodologies performed by a consultant from the United States. Starting continuous overall performance improvement programmes led to the initiation of much more than 180 projects across several clinical and assistance departments. Many revolutionary projects and initiatives aimed at distinct elements of patient expertise have been taken up, which includes application of an appointment method at most of the national centres of the hospital to minimize waiting time as nicely as cancellation prices of surgical appointments.

Health solutions are evolving and expectations of sufferers are altering simultaneously. Dr Ismail al Rashdi, director of high quality and patient security at the hospital, stated that the needs of several stakeholders have necessitated healthcare providers to realize what the patient desires and respond spontaneously to existing trends. Earlier the hospital sought to offer the very best healthcare service to its sufferers, but now it is endeavouring to offer the very best solutions to sufferers whilst they have the very best expertise even as they get outstanding healthcare solutions. In order to accomplish this, wellness institutions should alter the patient’s definition of vision and mission. The hospital realises a patient is not only a service recipient but also a ‘client’ who should be offered with what he desires throughout his healthcare expertise.

LEAN methodologies to boost overall performance have been adopted in different departments, which includes the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Radiation Oncology Department at the National Oncology Centre, Department of Nuclear Medicine and the National Heart Centre.

Dr Iman Nasr, consultant of immunology and allergy, stated there was overall performance improvement in the day-care ward of The Royal Hospital utilizing the LEAN principles contributing to an improve in the quantity of sufferers observed by 20 per cent and lowering waiting time.

The hospital opened several channels of communication with sufferers and the neighborhood – each written and oral channels – by means of the employees of the Patient Services Department, electronic communication and social media to boost patient expertise.

Through these speedy improvement efforts, The Royal Hospital has grow to be 1 of Oman’s major hospitals and 1 that requires patient expertise as an essential parameter of its care solutions. The hospital will continue to perform towards higher horizons, and far better solutions to boost patient expertise.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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