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The Royal Hospital achieves over 300 kidney transplant operations

The Royal Hospital achieves more than 300 kidney transplant operations

The initial actions of the early renal transplant programme have been initiated in the sultanate in 1973 by means of the provision of healthcare facilities and the rehabilitation and preparation of specialised healthcare employees in the renal transplant programme. Previously, the healthcare employees have been restricted to carrying out all tests and preparation of donor and recipient (immunological tests, and examination of the compatibility) for the objective of preparing them for kidney transplant outdoors the sultanate.

The total quantity of operations carried out by The Royal Hospital is more than 300, with a achievement price of 95 per cent. This is due to the availability of healthcare employees and healthcare groups that have the efficiency and are certified to the highest levels.

In addition, The Royal Hospital has laboratories for diagnostic and clinical tests, which consist of specialised wellness employees. The laboratory is deemed to be compatible with the newest technologies and gear worldwide, therefore enhancing the efficiency, accuracy and speed of acquiring laboratory outcomes.

The Royal Hospital boasts of specialised healthcare employees with higher efficiency and expertise in the field of kidney illnesses and kidney transplantation. It has received applied and theoretical instruction in the greatest international wellness institutions in the field of kidney transplantation as effectively as the newest internationally authorized principles and protocols in the field of kidney transplantation and donor and recipient preparation mechanisms.

The hospital has the greatest drugs and immunosuppressants utilized just before and following kidney transplantation and other drugs utilized to deal with the anticipated side effects that could be skilled by the patient and the donor following these operations. Nursing groups also play a pivotal part in the achievement of the programme, as they have higher expert care for the patient and the donor just before and following kidney transplantation.

The Royal Hospital also seeks to make the achievement of organ donation programme of the brain-dead individuals.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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