Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
The power of sparkles

The energy of sparkles

The stall has on show a wide selection of stones from Yemen. It also has on provide a selection of jewellery things. Visitors can be observed seeking via the collections with utmost curiosity. A lot of folks apart from just buying the things are curious about the properties of the different stones and how helpful they can be for them. Some of the stones on show consist of jade, amethyst, emerald and moonstone.

Taha Jamal, the owner of Sana stall stated, “Gems and stones are a very integral part of Arab culture. We have seen kings and noblemen sport them for good luck and power to fight both enemies and diseases.”

The reputation of these things has not gone down even in the contemporary instances. While some think they assist develop self-assurance, other people bank on them for their healing properties, stated Jamal who has been in the company of gemstones for nearly a decade.

“Yemeni stones are known around the world for their ingenuity and are hence, expensive. We have the best of the industries in Yemen where the best of the stones are mined.” Jamal explains how stones are provided certain shapes and later polished.

“Skilled artisans use special type of instruments to cut each stone.” The rates of these stones commence from RO10 and go up to RO500. The rates are determined with respect to the size, texture and top quality, stated Jamal.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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