Monday, 6 Feb 2023
Thailand, Georgia emerge top holiday destinations this Eid

Thailand, Georgia emerge leading vacation destinations this Eid

In Oman, Salalah and Jebel Akhdar have emerged as the preferred destinations due to the cool climate.

Among the foreign destinations, Thailand, Dubai, Georgia, Bali in Indonesia and India are getting preferred by numerous outbound travellers.
Bader al Harthy, a businessman from Mawaleh mentioned, “This Ramadan has been very hectic. I, along with my wife and children, plan to visit Salalah. Rain in Dhofar will add to the fun value. Eid is our biggest festival. Also, I have not been to Salalah for many years. It will be great to re-visit my friends during the visit.”

An official from Mezoon Travel mentioned, “Jebel Akhdar is a popular holiday destination as it is close to Muscat. Many will be visiting the area during this break to escape from the heat.”

Among foreign destinations, travel operators have received maximum queries about Thailand, Georgia and Bali. An official from the Khimjis House of Travel mentioned, “After the holiday announcement, most people made queries to visit Thailand, Georgia and Bali. We have sold the maximum number of packages for Thailand.”

Emdad Bachchu, an official from Akash Jatra mentioned, “Many have opted to visit Salalah and Jebel Akhdar. These travellers have booked vehicles and accommodations via our firm.”
Arun Kumar, an expatriate mentioned that he will be going to Sur throughout this period. “My wife has come down from India. Now with the break, I plan to take her to Sur and enjoy the turtle beach. I am sure Sur will be less hotter than Muscat.”

Eid holidays have coincided with holiday in Indian schools and numerous are leaving for India also. Mohammad Kaleem, an Indian businessman mentioned, “It is good time to take my two sons to visit their grandparents in India for a few days. I had booked tickets in advance anticipating the Eid break. We will spend Eid in Pune with family and friends.”

Dubai is also an additional excellent choice for travellers. Salim al Balushi, a cashier mentioned, “I am looking forward to buy car accessories at discounted rates in Dubai.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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