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Temperature to soar, may touch 48oC during Ramadan: Met office

Temperature to soar, could touch 48oC in the course of Ramadan: Met workplace

However, millions of Muslims quickly and go about their everyday routines each and every year in spite of all odds. And in spite of the temperature anticipated to hover about 48°C in and about Muscat, Muslims are prepared to take up the challenge. “The hotter it gets the thirstier and more fatigued you get, which makes each passing hour more difficult than the last but everybody is excited. Hence, there is no question of anyone skipping fast except those who work outdoors. But the rest of us are committed to fast no matter how hot it gets,” stated Bader al Harthy, a government employee and a single of the numerous Muslims obtaining prepared to quickly in the course of Ramadan.

According to the Met workplace, temperature in the course of Ramadan will soar. “The months of May and June are usually hot. From May 17 to June 15, the temperature in and around Muscat will increase to as much as 48°C. The rest of the country will also experience around 40°C,” a met official told Muscat Daily.

The official also stated there are probabilities of a tropical cyclone in the course of the period. “During May and June this year, there may be a tropical cyclone which would bring winds and rains. “This will be the first time a cyclone will be seen during Ramadan,” the official stated.

The lengthy summer time days bring a lot more challenges for outside workers and labourers to observe quickly. Hence, some workers finish their quickly early or skip it as they locate it challenging to continue fasting in the heat. “Sometimes it is difficult to work in such hot conditions without water. I usually break fast when working outdoors during the day. It is not a must to fast when working in extreme conditions,” Mohammad Elyas, a Bangladeshi mason stated.

Clerics say it is fine to break the quickly in challenging situations and that Islam provides exemptions from fasting as lengthy as a particular person tends to make up for the days later right after Ramadan.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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