Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Temperature soars to over 48°C in interiors of Oman

Temperature soars to more than 48°C in interiors of Oman

Meanwhile, Dhofar and components of Al Wusta are probably to get rain from Monday. The Directorate General of Meteorology (DGM) has stated that it expects rain of varying intensity in Dhofar and Al Wusta from Monday to Wednesday morning.

The DGM’s advisory stated that there could be thunderstorms in Taqah, Dalkout, Mirbat, Shaleem and Al Halaniyat Islands, Al Mazyouna, Salalah, Qairoon Hairiti and Sadah. According to DGM, temperatures reached a higher of 48.2°C in Al Sininah, 47.6°C in Fahud and 47.3°C in Ibra on Saturday. It was 48.3°C in Fahud, and 48.1°C in Mudhaibi and Qarn Alam on Friday.

The climate in Muscat is anticipated to stay bearable in comparison to the heatwave in other components of Oman. A 15-day forecast by Accuweather puts the temperature in Muscat to be about 39°C and beneath on most days, with the exception of June eight and June 9, when it could be 41°C and 40°C respectively.

In its forecast for June four, DGM stated that it expects primarily clear skies more than most of the sultanate with possibilities of clouds advection and isolated rain more than the coastal locations of Dhofar and Al Wusta governorates.

“There are possibilities of clouds improvement and rain more than Al Hajar Mountains towards afternoon.

“There is a chance of late night and early morning low level clouds over most of the coasts and chance of dust blowing winds over desert and open areas,” it stated.

According to DGM, along the coastal locations of the Sea of Oman, wind will be northeasterly light to moderate throughout day becoming variable light at evening.

“Along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea it will be southwesterly moderate, occasionally fresh, and over the rest of the sultanate it will be southeasterly light to moderate.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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