Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
Sultan’s Armed Forces, other military services implement main stage of Al Shomoukh 2 exercise

Sultan’s Armed Forces, other military solutions implement primary stage of Al Shomoukh two workout

The land force managed to total the procedures and move the combat formations and units to the targeted places at the land operation theatre to engage with the hypothetical enemy via activating weapons as nicely as other combat and assistance units.

Simultaneously, the air force offered the air cover and direct assistance to the movements of the land and marine forces at the operation theatre.

In the meantime, the air force transported a quantity of weapons and gear making use of helicopters to supply the required assistance to the troops at the land operations theatre and enabled them to carry out their combat duties at the front lines as per the workout program. On its component, the marine force transported component of the land force onboard of the navy vessels which offered the required assistance for the combat land formations and units.

It also sought to serve the program of the joint commander with relation to distracting the skills of the hypothetical enemy. Such assistance contributes to the achievement of the land force at the operations theatre.

To make sure achievement of the military operations, the police force taking component in the workout played a function in preserving order, imposing curfew and controlling roads and public properties. It also played a function in combing coast and operating patrols to serve the mission of the joint commander at the operations theatre.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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