Sunday, 29 Jan 2023
Students obtain patent for hair re-growth cream

Students acquire patent for hair re-development cream

Muscat – 

Three students of the Higher College of Technology in Muscat have produced a cream to improve volume and thickness and even re-develop hair. Students of Applied Biology, Heba bint Khalifa al Ghafri, Sharifa bint Hamad al Qaitaiti and Faiza bint Abdullah al Khatiri now have a patent for their item – ST Cream – which is authorized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Heba stated, “Our product is an ointment extracted from the roots of the Al Mustaafl (custard apple) tree. It helps to increase hair thickness, reduce fall and even re-grow hair.”

Heba and her two pals had been spurred by the requirement of getting a patent as component of their degree programme. “We recently received a patent for our product from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It will protect our product and give it marketing value when we sell it.”

According to Heba, hair loss is a frequent difficulty and several folks are seeking for a item to revitalise their hair and stop it from falling. “We worked on this cream simply because we see several folks looking for such goods. Some have currently utilized our cream and noticed good outcomes.”

The search for the formula and ingredient derived from the Al Mustaafl tree posed many difficulties. “We travelled to a number of wilayats till we discovered the tree in the wilayat of Rustaq in South Batinah. We faced a number of troubles in sourcing the components of this item and formulating the cream. Convincing folks to attempt the cream wasn’t straightforward, to say the least, but with patience and determination we succeeded ultimately.”

The girls are at present in the procedure of establishing a organization to sell their item and hope to discover an investor or company companion who can generate the cream. “We also aim to develop the product further to present it in the form of shampoos or oils. We expect the cream to be in high demand not just in the local market in Oman but also abroad,” Heba stated confidently.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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