Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Student company producing high-protein fodder cakes secures MoAF contract

Student organization generating higher-protein fodder cakes secures MoAF contract

Winning the title of ‘Company of the Year’ at the 12th Annual Young Arab Entrepreneurs Competition organised by Injaz al Arab was the ‘icing on the cake’ for the organization known as Nawa, stated its team members. It is the very first Omani organization to win the award in the history of Injaz Oman. Nawa comprises students of Sultan Qaboos University who came collectively to create fodder cakes for animals like cows, camels and goats.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ziyana al Mahrooqi, advertising manger of Nawa, stated, “Our team was formed in September 2017. We have 12 members managing production, marketing, distribution and finance. We are the first university student company which produces and sells fodder cakes for animals. Our product is named Qoot.”

Ziyana stated the organization produces a single tonne of fodder cakes in a single day at a factory in the wilayat of Barka.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is our main partner. It has signed an annual contract with us to buy our product. We distribute our product in several wilayats including Nizwa, Bahla and Sohar.”

Speaking about the method involved in creating the solution, she stated, “It has date seeds and a mixture of some other supplies. The manufacturing method goes by means of numerous stages such as mixing raw material, pressing it, drying and packing the solution.

“The product can be easily transported and stored. It is made of local raw materials without any preservatives. It also increases the fertility of goats, besides increasing milk production and weight of the animals because of the high proportion of protein in it.”

She added, “We required production equipment, raw materials and a plot of land for our production. The ministry came to our help, providing us a laboratory and some machines. The ministry also provided us with scientific research.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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