Tuesday, 30 May 2023
State Council meeting discusses law on mineral wealth, social security system

State Council meeting discusses law on mineral wealth, social safety program

The bureau discussed the ‘Draft of Mineral Wealth Law’ referred by the Council of Ministers along with the Majlis A’Shura’s report.

It also discussed the proposal submitted by the Special Committee on the ‘National Programme for Government Proficiency and Creativity’. Regarding this, the bureau hosted Hon Naashiah al Kharousi and Hon Dr Issa bin Said al Kiyoumi.

Hon Naashiah explained that the programme comes in help of the government’s efforts in the places of overall performance improvement and upgrading the places of public solutions offered by numerous official bodies, and to attain additional financial development.

She pointed out that the programme aims to evaluate the overall performance of ministries and government agencies and institutions in numerous fields, according to methodology and international requirements.

The bureau commended the government efforts and the programmes implemented in this regard. The bureau also reviewed the report submitted by the subcommittee of Social committee on ‘The improvement of the social safety system’.

The study aims at identifying the social safety system’s overall performance, policies and legislation from organised laws and regulations, studying the function of the concerned authorities and institutions, to create them and enhance the high quality of solutions offered.

This is in addition to locating other sources to finance some elements of the wants of the households of social safety to decrease the dependence on government help to market prosperity and stability and enhance the high quality of life for eligible households below social safety.

The bureau decided to refer it to eighth normal session of the council for discussion. Subsequently, the bureau discussed a proposal on the organisation of the parliamentary friendship committees of the council.

During the meeting, the bureau discussed the proposal submitted by Hon Sheikh Khalfan Khamis al Hashmi, member of Culture, Media and Tourism committee on the ‘Law for the Protection of Water Resources’, and reviewed the report submitted by Hon Khamis bin Said al Sulaimi, member of the State Council concerning the meeting with the speaker of the Arab Parliament on the publication of the Arab Environmental Document.

The meeting concluded following briefing on the agenda things for the eighth normal session to be held on May three.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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