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State Council, Majlis A’Shura to discuss Selective Goods Tax

State Council, Majlis A’Shura to talk about Selective Goods Tax

The council will hold a joint session with Majlis A’Shura on Tuesday to talk about the articles of divergence among the two councils on the draft law on the Selective Goods Tax, a press release stated. Dr Khalid bin Salim al Saidi, secretary basic of the State Council, extended his sincere gratitude to His Majesty the Sultan.

He noted His Majesty the Sultan’s deep interest and care for the Shura method in the sultanate, which is progressing at a steady pace and contributing to the advancement of the nation. It supports the general improvement efforts in cooperation with the government, inside the framework of the state institutions and laws, of which the Council of Oman (each the State Council and Majlis A’Shura) is a single of the principal pillars.

Dr Saidi mentioned the council is beginning the fourth annual session of its sixth period as the nation appears forward to the 48th Glorious National Day, which marks outstanding improvement achievements.

“It embodies the loyalty to the nation and love and gratitude to the architect of the Blessed Renaissance, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said,” he mentioned.

He added that in the course of the fourth session, the council will continue to function to strengthen its contribution to the nation by working out its powers and competencies.

The session will consist of efforts major to a befitting conclusion of the sixth term hence enabling additional accomplishments to add to the outcomes of the final 3 sessions.

The final 3 sessions resulted in the discussion and approval of a number of draft laws, research, proposals and reports that help the renaissance and improvement of Oman in numerous locations. These are the outcome of concerted efforts exerted by the council members to discharge their responsibilities in order to accomplish the preferred objectives and meet the aspirations of the council.

Dr Saidi mentioned that in addition to working out its terms of reference, the council had carried out numerous activities aimed at enhancing its outreach in society and contributing to national improvement. He added that the agenda for this session consists of discussions on the proposal of the Education and Research Committee to study ‘Development of the regulation of special training institutions’ and yet another proposal for the formation of two unique committees for a study titled ‘Strengthening the use of manpower in the public sector’.

The session will also talk about a proposal to study ‘The promulgation of a law to regulate the uses of biotechnology and its products for the protection of genetic data in the sultanate’. Dr Saidi mentioned that the session will be apprised of a quantity of reports and communications received from various quarters and will approve the minutes of its tenth to 14th normal sessions of the third annual session of the sixth period.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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