Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
State Council delegation returns after UK visit

State Council delegation returns right after UK pay a visit to

The delegation, headed by Hon Saleh Zakwani, State Council member incorporated a number of council members.

During the pay a visit to, the delegation was briefed about the formation of the British Parliament, its legislative and supervisory roles and the current constitutional adjustments.

Also, they had been briefed about the nature of the committees’ function in the Parliament, its membership, and the method of holding discussions on problems by them.

The delegation was also briefed about the functions of the National Audit Office, the facilities of Parliament and even attended a single of its meetings.

The delegation, in the presence of members of the British Parliament, H E Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Zahir al Hinai, Oman’s Ambassador to the UK and officials of the Anglo-Omani Society discussed the improvement of relations among the two nations in different fields.

The delegation incorporated Hon Nada Hassan Mohammed al Jamali, Hon Sheikh Dr Mohammed al Said Rashid al Balushi, Hon Naashiah Saud Mohamed al Kharusi, Hon Yahya Rashid al Jumaa, Altaf bint Omar al Marhoun, assistant secretary basic for Information and Research Centre and Alia bint Mahmoud al Rahma, deputy director, International Relations of the Council.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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