Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Starcare Duqm branch formally inaugurated

Starcare Duqm branch formally inaugurated

Starcare Medical Centre in Duqm has been functional for the final six months and has currently turn out to be the busiest of all private healthcare providers in the wilayat.

Arrival of Starcare has been a welcome news to the Duqm neighborhood exactly where a single of the main issues of living high quality was healthcare.

The centre was inaugurated by H E Sheikh Mohsen bin Hamad bin Mohsen al Maskari, Wali of Duqm. He stated, “It is really pleasing to see the expert team of Starcare bringing very practical and effective ways to solve complex problems. I am sure that they will add significant support to the growth of Duqm.”

Starcare Duqm has a huge completely automated clinical laboratory, pharmacy, GP and specialist solutions which includes ENT. Starcare unit has observation beds and at present handles minor injuries in addition to supplying visa healthcare facility and other occupational healthcare. The expansion program for Starcare Duqm is below way and will see some revolutionary tips incorporated taking into the wants of the area.

“We were the first healthcare team who invested in Duqm back in 2012 and we waited for the right time to have a viable opportunity. We are now working with the Duqm authority and various leading employers in the region to plan and create a scalable healthcare system as the population grows. The challenge here is taking care of uncommon but serious medical emergencies while being financially viable,” stated Dr Sadik Kodakat, chairman of Starcare Group.

“We faced numerous challenges in obtaining this unit up and operating which we couldn’t have carried out with out the exceptional help of all the government and other authorities concerned. Everyone motivated us and we really feel actually happy of this outcome.

“We have some excellent doctors and staff in Duqm which makes it even more special,” stated Mohammed al Farsi, chief operating officer at the inaugural occasion.

The unit is situated in a handy and is effortlessly accessible. It caters to each the nearby population as effectively as the wants of the industrial population.

“The healthcare needs are unique to the region. We hope to work with the people and other stakeholders,” added Dr Askar Kukkadi, MD, Starcare Oman.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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