Tuesday, 30 May 2023
SQU to set up 68 earthquake monitoring stations

SQU to set up 68 earthquake monitoring stations

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Dr Issa el Hussein, director, Earthquake Monitoring Centre, SQU mentioned, “We currently have 20 fixed stations to monitor earthquakes. We have prepared a plan to increase the number of monitoring stations in different parts of the sultanate. We plan to have another six fixed stations to monitor earthquakes and 62 motion seismic stations.”

Dr Hussein mentioned that six fixed stations will come up in the wilayat of Dibba in Musandam, Liwa in North Batinah, Al Sininah in Buraimi, Khuwaima and Masirah in South Sharqiyah, and Rima in Al Wusta. “Of the 62 motion seismic stations, 20 will be located in Muscat, five each in Salalah and Sohar, four in Nizwa, three each in Musandam and Sur, two each in Duqm, Masirah Island, Barka, Musannah, Suwaiq, Khabourah, Saham, Buraimi, Shinas, Madha and Dibba.”

Explaining the distinction in between seismic network and robust motion seismic network stations, he mentioned, “Seismic stations will be located in remote areas for monitoring small and large earthquakes, determine their location and strength. The 62-strong motion seismic networks will be located in urban areas to monitor only strong earthquakes and vibrations in buildings.”

Talking about the objectives of the project, he mentioned the aim is to enhance the general efficiency of quake monitoring networks. “The new stations will play a key role in crisis management. For example, they will help us in faster decision making process like shutting down systems in natural gas liquefaction plants, dam operations etc. They will help us build earthquake-resistant infrastructure.”

Dr Hussein mentioned that Oman on typical experiences about two,000 minor earthquakes each year. “Oman experiences earthquakes due to continued seismic activities in the Makran belt and the Zagros Mountains in Iran.”

He mentioned that EMC is collaborating with numerous international centres for exchange of experience. “We are exchanging information, sharing expertise and conducting training programmes with many organisations like the Dubai Seismic Network, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute in Turkey, Lisbon Institute in Portugal and Lawrence Institute in the US.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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