Friday, 31 Mar 2023
SQU Forum highlights role of information specialists in enriching smart society

SQU Forum highlights part of details specialists in enriching intelligent society

The forum targets administrators and librarians at the libraries and details centres in the sultanate, details specialists, officials of the documentation departments of numerous ministries and government institutions and all members of the neighborhood. The forum is getting held beneath the title ‘Future duty of details research in enriching the intelligent society’.

The 3-day forum aimed to raise the awareness of the Omani society and the private and public sector staff about the future duty for the specialisation of details research and the part of the details specialists in enriching the intelligent society and its specialisation.

It sought to introduce them to the most crucial contemporary terms in the planet of technologies and details to deal with the specialisation of details research for national improvement.

The opening of the forum was attended by prof Dr Amer bin Ali al Rawas, SQU deputy vice chancellor for Academic Affairs &amp Community Service. The exhibition featured 17 stations the initial getting an introductory section, which gives an overview of the specialisation of details research, the nature of the forum, its concept and its elements, explaining the activity of the details specialists that is not confined to a book, library, document and shop only.

Other stations disseminated details on subjects such as the Internet of Things, Information Security and Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, programming and 3-dimensional printing in the design and style of digital libraries and their use in facilitating the provision of details solutions.

The ‘big data’ centre highlights the part of details specialists in context of large information emergence. Corners have been earmarked for spreading awareness on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Smart governance and e-governance, and so forth.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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