Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Special Olympics Oman launches leadership programme

Special Olympics Oman launches leadership programme

The programme seeks to create managerial, leadership and technical expertise of athletes with intellectual disabilities and integrate them into society in all fields of life.

Dr Lamya bint Harub al Kharousi, a volunteer who was instrumental in establishing the programme stated, “The programme is aimed at instilling trust and personal identity for athletes with intellectual disabilities to be able and qualified to rely on themselves. The programme will be held from March to October. Graduation ceremony of the participating athletes will be held at the end of October.”

She added, “I and my colleague, Alice bint Mohamed Salam Ambusidi have established the programme to develop the abilities and talents of these athletes. The programme targets 32 athletes over the age of 18, and some volunteers.”

“We are seeking to train and qualify athletes through many training programmes in cooperation with a range of support agencies in the field of human resource development,” stated Alice, head of the Leadership Development Team.

The programme contains several places, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, art, photography and correct nutrition. Activities also consist of visits to the Royal Opera House Muscat, and Ramadan evenings and a trip to Jebel Akhdar.

Dr Lamya added, “The programme aims to develop self-skills, leadership and character building for athletes, self-reliance in problem solving, decision-making, love of knowledge, acquisition of new talents, communication skills, teamwork, planning and instilling self-confidence.”

Alice added, “Some members of the community, unfortunately, still look at athletes with intellectual disabilities as being unable while others do not accept them altogether.”

Athletes will be honoured on the Omani Youth Day, on October 26.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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