Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Sohar Islamic starts operations at its new Barka branch

Sohar Islamic begins operations at its new Barka branch

Salim Khamis al Maskari, DGM and head, Sohar Islamic, stated, “The inauguration of Sohar Islamic’s Barka branch reiterates our commitment to offer quality services to customers and provide them convenience within the area. This latest branch is modelled after the same blueprint of our other outlets in terms of providing customers with a comprehensive range of personal and business banking solutions that adhere to the highest level of Sharia’a compliance.”

Sohar Islamic’s new branch is manned by certified employees providing consumers with the whole variety of Sharia’a-compliant Islamic Banking items and solutions from Sunday to Thursday from 8am till 2pm. In line with Sohar Islamic’s other branches, the Barka branch will also supply consumers complete-fledged ATM and CDM facilities. The new branch will initially operate in a ‘soft mode’ till its official opening which is anticipated to take spot quickly.

Launched in 2013, Sohar Islamic, Bank Sohar’s Islamic Banking Window, has a extensive variety of banking options that cover a wide array of retail and corporate financing wants. These contain SME Banking, individual finance, auto finance, term deposits, savings accounts, present accounts and building and housing finance for the bank’s retail consumers. For its corporate customers, Sohar Islamic gives asset finance, functioning capital finance, trade finance, treasury and investment items. All items and solutions supplied by Sohar Islamic adhere to the highest level of Sharia’a compliance.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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