Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Sohar Aluminium’s second football tournament concludes

Sohar Aluminium’s second football tournament concludes

The tournament saw much more than 300 staff and contractors attending the distinct matches and cheer the 156 players although they competed to claim the title.

The Anode Plant Team, the defending champions of the very first tournament, claimed the title following a competitive final match that ended with a score of 1- against the Human Resources Development Team. The Central Maintenance Team completed in the third spot. SA’s Human Resources and Corporate Affairs common manager, Ahmed al Kharousi and Services and Maintenance common manager, Dinesh Sangar, presided more than the final match and the closing ceremony and crowned the leading 3 teams.

The tournament that witnessed a higher level of team spirit and camaraderie by the players saw twelve teams participating, which have been divided into two groups.

It was open for SA’s staff and contractors and aimed at engaging the staff and contractors in team-creating activities as nicely as motivating them to participate in sports and wellness-oriented events.

It also helped in advertising the adoption of a healthful and active way of life amongst the participants.

The tournament saw a really excellent attendance by staff who came to cheer for their colleagues.

Sohar Aluminium firmly believes that the wellness and security of its individuals are its quantity a single priority and hence has a quantity of events and initiatives planned all through the year focusing on its staff, their households and the wider neighborhood.

The annual award-winning Heat Stress Campaign and the neighborhood engagement occasion ‘Because We Care’ are two examples of such initiatives.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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