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Snake in AC: Housekeeper in MQ recounts her ordeal

Snake in AC: Housekeeper in MQ recounts her ordeal

Recounting her traumatic encounter, housekeeper Dhana Lakshmi Sami mentioned, “Upon turning on the dining room air conditioner, I heard some unusual sounds. As the flap opened, I saw a snake trying to come out of the unit.”

Dhana Lakshmi mentioned that she froze for at least a minute following seeing the snake. “I then screamed at the top of my lungs and rushed to inform everyone in the house.”

At the time, aside from Dhana Lakshmi and the driver, only the lady of the home and her mother have been about. Both have mobility problems. “I called the driver. He too is afraid of snakes so my madam made a frantic call to the ROP who suggested we call the municipality. A team from the municipality finally arrived within an hour to remove it,” she mentioned.

A photograph of the snake was sent to Dr Elke Heitz, a Muscat-primarily based animal rights activist and founder of the Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic.

Dr Elke mentioned that the photograph was not clear adequate to recognize the snake. “It does appear like a tiny Wadi Racer, who are the most frequent snakes and completely harmless. They are really really advantageous as they preserve rodents away.

“There is a huge hype about snakes and scorpions being so dangerous, but they rarely are. Most are harmless and only a small percentage could be dangerous to humans or pets.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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