Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Singapore Food Festival under way at Sheraton Oman Hotel

Singapore Food Festival below way at Sheraton Oman Hotel

“Food has always been an integral part of the Singaporean identity. It is wonderful that Sheraton has given us this opportunity to share the Singaporean food culture with everyone,” Dr Edmund Chia, consul basic of Singapore in Oman, mentioned.

The festival sees the presence of Marriott International’s guest chef Tan Cheng Chwee, who hails from the award-winning Marriott Café in Singapore. With a passion for culinary arts, Cheng Chwee believes in simplicity, comfort meals and the use of basic components to bring out the all-natural flavours and textures of his dishes.

The festival gives guests a selection of exotic dishes to discover. Guests can sample mod-sin cuisine, Singaporean rojak, classic laksa, grilled seafood, conventional satay and stir-fried specialties to name but a handful of.

“We welcome street food enthusiasts and fans of Asian cuisine, as well as newcomers looking to try the flavours of the Southeast for the first time,” Anand Ganesan, GM, Sheraton Oman Hotel, mentioned.

The idea of the Singapore Food Festival is to celebrate 1 of the world’s most well-known cuisines with reside chef’s tables, cooking stations and interactive dining. Local noodle fanciers and connoisseurs of Asian cuisine are getting welcomed with distinctive style, tradition and attentive service.

The festival concludes on Wednesday.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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