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Sindbad Treasure Hunt educates participants about Oman’s past

Sindbad Treasure Hunt educates participants about Oman’s previous

Muscat – 

The thrilling Sindbad Treasure Hunt was held at the National Museum on Saturday. It was organised by Xcape Muscat, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and the National Museum. Participants followed a trail of clues and worked in teams to locate a treasure that was hidden inside the National Museum.

“Each team consisted of two to five players and their missions were to solve the riddles and find the clues. These clues also involved completion of certain challenges,” Mohammed al Sikry, operations manager at Xcape Muscat mentioned.

At the starting of the game, every team was handed a map containing the set of clues. “The first clue led to the second and so on. The game engaged participants in a lot of mental activities. Each team had to complete the given activities to win,” Sikry mentioned.

The occasion was held as element of Oman’s National Day as effectively as to educate participants about the nation and its previous.

The teams had to have at least two members and no a lot more than 5 members. Registration charge was RO15 per particular person and RO10 per student (at least 12 years of age). The charge was non-refundable.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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