Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Shell Intilaaqah concludes second phase of ‘Aspire and Inspire’ programme

Shell Intilaaqah concludes second phase of ‘Aspire and Inspire’ programme

Entitled, ‘How to Become a Successful Business Owner’, the workshop series shed light on the crucial actions each and every entrepreneur requirements to address and implement just before undertaking a venture. Hundred participants attended the workshop series from Muscat, Dakhliyah, Batinah and Dhofar. Certificates of completion have been awarded to participants from Muscat by Dr Ahmed al Ghassani, CEO of Riyada, and Muna al Shukaili, basic manager, External Relations and Social Investment lead at Shell Development Oman.

During the workshops, Aspire and Inspire’s team of certified professionals shared insights with participants on how to make certain the viability of any company. The professionals also underscored the significance of a company program in executing a technique for beginning a venture and the sources needed for reaching company objectives.

Nawaf al Saeed, co-founder of Majan Health Services, mentioned, “Aspire and Inspire is a holistic programme that creates an engaging platform for the development of sustainable youth-led entrepreneurial ventures. As an alumnus of the programme, I’m constantly in touch with the organisers at Shell Intilaaqah to share my experience with this year’s participants. It gives me great pride to see young talent receive such support and training to assist them in realising their dreams and starting promising businesses.”

Nabeel al Shekaili, owner of Al Azhar Supplies Company, mentioned, “As a winner of the Riyada’s Entrepreneurship Award for Best Small Business, I believe that the first step for success in entrepreneurship is empowerment of youth. Then, a methodical and tailored training programme is key to fuel their creativity, while highlighting the positive impact they can have on their community development.”

Commenting on the programme as nicely is this year’s participant Abdulaziz al Kalbani, owner of Asrar Al’ared Trading Enterprises and winner of Best Micro-Institution Award, mentioned, “It is very difficult to embark on entrepreneurship journey without having a clear business objective and model. The latest Aspire and Inspire workshop has introduced me to the ins-and-outs of being a successful business owner, and I look forward to their support in coming months to help me transform my idea into reality.”

The Aspire and Inspire programme third phase is scheduled for October and will be performed more than 12 days in a quantity of Governorates such as Muscat, Dakhliyah, Batinah and Dhofar.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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