Monday, 23 May 2022
Sayyid Asaad inaugurates IRU Congress

Sayyid Asaad inaugurates IRU Congress

Organised by IRU and co-hosted by Asyad in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, participants from more than 75 nations have gathered to assist shape the future of the market more than two days, driving debate on trade and innovation, in the area and beyond, a press release stated. 

Themed ‘Innovation on the Move’, this year’s Congress explores the function of technological advancements in optimising operations management, driving continuous improvement and facilitating worldwide trade. 

“The faster we adopt disruptive technologies, the better chance we have to stay competitive and serve our customers better,” stated Nabil Salim al Bimani, group chief of Ports &amp Freezone and member of the organising committee. “Technology-driven innovation will be the key to meeting the challenges of tomorrow.”

The initial day began with a unique session organised in partnership with Mwasalat which brought with each other top international figures to examine significant challenges facing passenger transport operators right now and talk about the options for tomorrow. 

Ahmed al Bulushi, CEO of Mwasalat, stated, “We have initiated a number of innovations such as smart ticketing, passenger information systems, and automated vehicle management systems. These initiatives will help improve transport systems, reduce traffic problems and help the economic and social development of Oman.”

A declaration was also signed among IRU, the guardian of the TIR program below the United Nations mandate, Mwasalat, the official TIR issuing authority, and the Royal Oman Police Directorate General of Customs. This reaffirms the sultanate’s commitment to boosting trade across its borders and operating in partnership to bring the globally applicable international customs transit and guarantee system to life in Oman. 

The Congress also marked the culmination of IRU’s 70th anniversary adventure, ‘We Love the Road’. 

In the opening plenary session, ‘Moving in the 21st Century – Road Transport, Mobility and Trade’, José Manuel Durão Barroso, chairman of Goldman Sachs International and former president of the European Commission, urged the market to function with each other to impact optimistic modify. “It is essential to talk, regardless of differing interests and animosities, because talking is what leads to deals, which in turn means trade and global prosperity.”

The interactive roundtable sessions discussed a quantity of hot subjects which includes information management and evaluation, enhancing competitiveness with infrastructure improvement and new intermodal connections, designing the future workforce, adopting subsequent generation platforms, enabling trade facilitation and growing fuel efficiencies. 

On decarbonising transport, Benny Smets, CEO of the Belgian transport company Ninatrans, stated, “Alternative fuels are the future for road transport, but only if they are easy to access.”

The IRU World Congress will conclude on Thursday exactly where innovation and competitiveness will be the primary subject of discussion. 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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