Sunday, 29 Jan 2023
Sayyid Asa’ad chairs health ministers meeting

Sayyid Asa’ad chairs wellness ministers meeting

The meeting concludes on Wednesday. The ceremony was attended by a quantity of dignitaries, ministers of wellness from the nations of the area of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, and members of the State Council and Shura Council.

Also, present had been a quantity of officials of civil and military institutions of the Governorate of Dhofar, senior officials of the World Health Organization, representatives of international bodies and associations, non-governmental organisations with formal relations with the World Health Organization and a huge quantity of invited guests.

Dr Ahmed bin Salim al Mandhari, WHO regional director for the Eastern Mediterranean, in an opening speech stated, “I am pleased to welcome you to this very important meeting, which brings together policymakers and experts from all over the world, senior officials of the UN agencies and development partners, middle-level managers and health professionals from all the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. We are meeting to discuss a strategic issue and, above all, a noble issue, we have paved the way for one of the main priorities of our regional road map and ensure that one of the commitments made by member countries in the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan. I mean, of course, universal health coverage for all and everywhere.”


He added, “In 2001, the WHO Committee on Macroeconomics and Health stated that ‘the linkages in between wellness, poverty reduction and lengthy-term financial development are powerful, but a lot stronger than we usually understand’. Recently, in 2016, the United Nations, the higher-level committee on employment in the location of wellness and financial development, place the extra rewards of investment in the wellness sector such as the promotion of wellness safety and all round financial development.

“Comprehensive health coverage is a commitment to the right to health, and on April 6 this year, the World Health Organization gave a slogan to this year’s World Health Day, ‘Health coverage for all and everywhere’.”

H E Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health, stressed that reaching complete wellness coverage is 1 of the primary objectives of sustainable improvement. Quoting Dr Tedros Adhanom, director common of WHO, H E Dr Sa’eedi stated the implementation of universal wellness coverage is much more of a political challenge than an financial 1.

“This means that global commitment has already been made. The need is to translate this  commitment into national action. At the beginning of the Renaissance, the focus was on reducing the spread of infectious diseases, through various health programmes, such as the programme of expanded immunisation, with a coverage of more than 99 per cent at the national level in 2017.”

The meeting is becoming organised by the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and with the participation of 22 nations of the area.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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