Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Rustaq sizzles at 49°C, Muscat at 46°C

Rustaq sizzles at 49°C, Muscat at 46°C

Muscat saw partly clear skies with temperature of 46°C and a actual really feel of 49°C, the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) mentioned.

Like Sunday, Rustaq recorded the highest temperature on Saturday at 49.6°C, closely followed by Wadi al Ma’awel at 49.5°C. The temperature in Muscat hovered about 46°C.

Other areas recording much more than 48°C have been Amerat at 48.9°C, Nakhal at 48.8°C, Fahud at 48.6°C and Bidbid at 48.5°C.

PACA has tweeted stating that there is a heatwave in numerous components of the nation and probabilities of dust blowing in the subsequent handful of days. The governorates of Buraimi, Dhahirah and Dakhliyah are most likely to be the worst-hit, it mentioned.

In its forecast for Monday, PACA has predicted higher temperature in Sur at 46°C and a actual really feel of 50°C. Muscat temperature will hover about 43°C with a actual really feel of 47°C. Ibra and Haima will sizzle at 46°C although Ibri, Nizwa and Rustaq will see the mercury touching 45°C.

Parts of the Dhofar governorate are most likely to have partly cloudy skies on Monday with probabilities of intermittent drizzle, PACA added. “Horizontal visibility is likely to be poor due to rain and dust blowing. There will be clear to partly cloudy skies over the coastal areas of Dhofar governorate and adjoining mountains with a chance of intermittent drizzle. There will be mainly clear skies over the rest of the sultanate with chances of clouds over Al Hajar Mountains.”

PACA mentioned that Jebel Shams was the coldest in Oman at 15.2°C on Saturday, followed by Dalkout at 22°C, Saiq at 20.2°C, Thumrait at 20.4°C, Qairoon Hiriti at 22.5°C and Shaleem at 25.1°C.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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