Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
ROP warns motorists against using apps to detect speed cams

ROP warns motorists against utilizing apps to detect speed cams

Speaking on the matter, a senior official from the ROP, mentioned they are nicely conscious of these well-known apps. “All methods of detection, whether it is a radar detector or a navigation app, is illegal in Oman. I strongly advise motorists not to use such apps because they are in violation of the traffic laws, and their users will be penalised if caught.”

A technician from a Muscat-primarily based electronics organization specialising in retrofitting touchscreens in older vehicles mentioned that ‘as phone holders are illegal, many are doing it to remain within the laws’. “Many of my customers are doing it to use navigation apps which give them real time updates on traffic.”

He mentioned that newer autos currently have regular monitors which help Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to help these navigation apps.

Another technician Mohammed Zuhair specialising in installing retrofitted touchscreens in autos, mentioned, “Customers come to replace their original screens if their autos are older.

“Our rates range from RO85 to RO500. We offer features such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation with your choice of app, USB input, CD/DVD player, etc.”

Zuhair mentioned that clients need to do study prior to installing a screen. “Choose a reputable brand and an experienced installer.”

Ali al Barwani, CEO, Oman Road Safety Association, mentioned that whilst apps offering actual-time info or any other distractions must not be employed, motorists can advantage from them in the organizing stage of their journeys. “We urge motorists to gather data for their journeys before setting off. This can help them reach their destinations safely and on time.”

Regarding usage of such apps, Riyadh al Balushi, an IT professional, mentioned, “As a matter of principle, I think it is important to remember that speed cameras are intended to encourage people to slow down and respect the laws. They are not ‘traps’ and their objective is not to fine people. If apps such as Waze can provide drivers with further warnings that encourage them to slow down further, then these apps are useful in encouraging people to slow down.”

Balushi mentioned that the authorities can set up short-term speed cameras at random places to make certain that the list of speed cameras on Waze is not extensive. “This will ensure that drivers continue to respect the laws even in areas where fixed speed cameras are not listed on any of these apps.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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