Friday, 31 Mar 2023
ROP mobile app to provide more services, simplify procedures

ROP mobile app to supply much more solutions, simplify procedures

Capt Ibrahim bin Saif al Kindi of the Directorate General of Information Technology at the ROP stated, “The new update has been made to facilitate and provide quick services to citizens and residents. He added, “Some of the new services included in the application are Reporting Incident and Interactive Map. People can report things like traffic or climatic conditions through the Reporting Incident feature to get in touch with the central operating rooms in Muscat governorate. The officials subsequently transmit message to other operating rooms.”

Capt Kindi added, “The application also includes other services such as submitting documents online, applying for a police clearance certificate and other traffic services such as violation enquiries and payment of fines, renewal of vehicle registration, payment of technical inspection fees, other police services and phone numbers of all stations and visa services.”

Users can also verify the status of a visa application via the function. “The application can also guide a user on how to complete the whole procedure,” stated Capt Kindi. With the updated application, the ROP seeks to improve visitors security and communicate with all customers such as the disabled so that they do not have to get in touch with the emergency police numbers, he added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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