Thursday, 1 Dec 2022
RO50 fine for parking at slots reserved for disabled: ROP

RO50 fine for parking at slots reserved for disabled: ROP

From Match 1, the fine for parking in slots for the disabled has been elevated from RO10 to RO50. “The rights of the disabled should be respected. We took into account their rights and decided to increase the fine,” an ROP official mentioned.

The ROP has repeatedly appealed to the common public against making use of such parking slots. “Their rights need to be respected considering their inconvenience when they have to park away from the entrances of any building.”

Tariq al Khabouri, founder of ODDA mentioned that the boost in the fine will go a extended way in cracking down on offenders and decreasing such instances.

Khabouri mentioned that he had recommended the authorities that offenders must get jail terms. “I am now satisfied and thank ROP for escalating the fine which will at least make sure that offenders feel twice prior to parking in such slots.

“Putting offenders behind bars for 24 hours and confiscating their driving licence for a week would be an ideal punishment. I also want people to come forward and fight for the rights of the disabled. There is a need to change the mindset of people because ROP cannot do everything alone. The ROP and the public need to work together to tackle this problem.”

Khabouri, who has been fighting for the rights of the disabled for much more than 30 years, mentioned there is a require for much more such parking slots. “Two or three parking slots for the disabled at any place are not enough. There is a need for more.”

In other developments, the ROP has exempted the disabled from specific road security regulations. According to Article 19 of the Road Safety Regulations, folks with disabilities are exempted from automobile registration, driving test, renewal and transfer of automobile licence charges, when a year.

The circumstances beneath which the disabled are exempted contain the month-to-month salary which must not be above RO350 as per a document issued by the competent authority.

Khabouri mentioned, “We welcome this exemption because most of the disabled cannot afford such expenses. I thank ROP for the same.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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