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Retirees, job seekers and students can be hired as part-time workers: MoM

Retirees, job seekers and students can be hired as component-time workers: MoM

H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah al Bakri, Minister of Manpower issued the selection 153/2018 amending the selection 40/2017.

This selection was issued to amend products (four) and (five – the initial paragraph) from Article two of the Ministerial Decision 40/2017.


The amendments are as follows:

four –
 Part-time employee can be a retiree, job seeker or a student. It is permitted to employ these 15 years and above and who have not reached 18. They can be employed between 6am and 6pm.

five –
 Part-time workers shall not exceed 20 per cent of the Omanisation percentage, such as job seekers, students and retirees, with the exception of these firms that meet the set circumstances.


Article two of the Ministerial Decision 153/2018 amended item (two) from Article (four) of the Ministerial Decision 40/2017 is as follows:

two –
 Setting the functioning days of the week.

This selection also adds an additional post to the selection 40/2017 and is as follows:


Article two bis: It is permitted to employ students on a component-time basis according to the following terms:

For students from government and private schools:

1 –
 The student should be from a government or a private college and should not be significantly less than 15 years old. The student should be employed in jobs authorized in the Ministerial Decision 217/2016.

two –
 Approval of the parent needed according to the model ready for this goal.

– Work hours should be throughout the holidays.


For students from greater educational institutions (private or government):

1 –
 Work hours should be throughout the holidays or outdoors the study period.

two –
 Students functioning component-time shall continue to obtain monetary allocations set by the educational institution.

The ministry has stated that component-time employment does not need the approval of his/her educational institution.

“The student should be given an experience certificate for the time him/her spent with the employer.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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