Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Ramachandran Nair directs short film named Smruthipadhangal

Ramachandran Nair directs quick film named Smruthipadhangal

Ramachandran Nair, who is continuously engaged in social concerns via Letters to the Editor column in newspapers and magazines, has directed a quick film known as Smruthipadhangal (‘Down memory lane…’).

The film captures the really feel of distinct generations and how the modern living is associated to the reality of loneliness that numerous old age individuals face right now.

Even although this subject has been touched upon at numerous angles in the previous – in print, on the celluloid and also in the kind of documentaries – the quick film is touches upon this most sensitive problem once more, but in a distinct point of view.

Ever because the conventional loved ones perception has shifted to the ‘nuclear’ notion, the agony of parents emanated to the genuine suffering. They maintain attempting to get rid of the loneliness by approaching neighbours and distant relatives.

“Some real-life situations have prompted me to work on this project and these have been captured in the movie,” stated Nair who has written the story.

At the exact same time, situations demand youngsters to leave their house for survival and with no finish limit, which the society considers to be ignoring their parents. The aged parents might not choose to remain overseas along with their youngsters due to numerous causes, and parents do realise that their youngsters can not remain with them due to their personal responsibilities and commitments.

Meanwhile, a study reveals that continuous make contact with among parents and youngsters assists maintain their life a lot more pleasing longer. As and when they turn out to be older, their priorities modifications and align with their thoughts and perceptions.

The film has an finish message to the audience highlighting the significance of loved ones bonds, as how parents locate their way to attain a comfy journey in the course of which they could meet their youngsters forever.

Pranadeesh Menon, Lekha Vinod, Baburaj Pillai, Jolly Mathews and Athira Prajeesh have played the lead roles in the film, although music is by Satheesh Kannur and camera function is completed by Saji Ochira. A premier of the film will be organised shortly, following which it will be telecast on a satellite channel, and subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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