Monday, 6 Feb 2023
Rain in Oman’s interiors; more expected today, says DGM

Rain in Oman’s interiors a lot more anticipated right now, says DGM

DGM has also issued an advisory on dust and sandstorms in Haima, Marmul, Qarn al Alam and Zamaim. Cumulus clouds more than the Al Hajar Mountains brought sporadic rain on Wednesday afternoon in locations like Ibri, Bahla and Mahdah as nicely as downpour on the coasts and mountains of Dhofar.

According to DGM, cloudy skies are probably along the coastal locations of Dhofar and adjoining mountains with intermittent drizzle and probabilities of cloud formation and isolated rain more than the desert location of the governorate, on Thursday.

“Mainly clear skies are expected over the rest of the sultanate with existence of medium clouds and chances of cloud development and rain over Al Hajar Mountains in the afternoon. Chances of late night to early morning low-level clouds or fog patches to be seen along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea and Sea of Oman coasts,” it stated.

Along the coastal location of the Sea of Oman winds will be northeasterly light to moderate.

While along the coastal locations of the Arabian Sea winds will be southwesterly moderate and more than the rest of the governorates wind will be westerly to southwesterly light to moderate, it added.

Sea state is anticipated to be rough along the coastal location of the Arabian Sea with maximum wave height of 4m, and moderate along the rest of coastal locations with maximum wave height of 1.25 to 1.5m.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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