Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Purdue University Northwest professor conducts media workshop at Bayan College

Purdue University Northwest professor conducts media workshop at Bayan College

The very first day session was exclusively for the students on the application of media theories in their respective specialisation. “Whether a student is doing Public Relations, Journalism or Advertising, it is fundamental for them to offer the five core courses because they act as comprehensive subjects that are helpful in making students approach and apply the theories and concepts in their respective specialisations,” mentioned Dr Artz who is also the director of Graduate Studies, School of Communication and Creative Arts at Purdue University Northwest.

On the second day of the workshop, Dr Artz underscored the significance of curriculum assessment of some of the media and communication courses so as to meet the ever altering job industry demands.

The workshop which was component of the annual activities performed by Purdue University delegates.

Dr Artz emphasised that for media and communication students supplying various majors or concentrations, there are specific core courses that are mandatory in laying a firm foundation in media and communication

According to Dr Artz, the 5 core courses constituting 15 credit hours contain Theories of communication, Media and Society, Research Methods, Principles of Persuasion and Capstone as a graduation project.

The professor also pointed out that it is advisable to involve students in person or group projects that will allow them to come up with skilled media and communication goods.

The acting head of Department of the Faculty of Media at Bayan College Dr Abhishek Singh mentioned that by means of the workshop and close corporation in between Purdue University and Bayan College, the faculty members and students of the latter are to advantage from the experience of Purdue University Northwest, which is a major university in the US.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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