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Power ahead with reliable Nissan NV350 Urvan

Power ahead with dependable Nissan NV350 Urvan

With a wide selection of models to select from, Nissan Urvan’s NV350 has choices that suit everyone’s wants completely. Being amongst the most desirable automobiles for enterprise or private purposes in Oman, Nissan NV350 Urvan impresses with its low operating expense and effective but fuel effective engines.

Given the higher requirement for high quality transport service and delivery in the country’s swiftly progressing enterprise atmosphere, the NV350 Urvan represents completely versatile, spacious, functional and dependable attributes. The regular physique NV350 Urvan comes in 3 variants, the panel van in manual transmission and the 13-seater bus comes in each manual and automatic transmission in DX grade with and with out sliding windows.

An official from Nissan Oman, from the residence of Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA), stated, “Ideal for both personal and fleet use, Nissan NV350 Urvan can accommodate up to 13 passengers easily. The three available models make it easy to find the right fit for the customer’s business or lifestyle.”

Some of its outstanding new attributes contain big sliding doors that open higher and wide to make it straightforward for passengers to board and exit. The NV350 Urvan has rear air conditioning vents for every seat which offers effective cooling so that all passengers can ride in comfort. The automobiles auto door closure enables clients to release the slide-door as soon as it has closed halfway. It is also equipped with fashionable slide windows that are developed to be intelligent and hassle-free.

The NV350 Urvan’s QR25DE engine requires benefit of newest technologies to attain fuel economy. Combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission, the engine rotates at reduce speed and tends to make significantly less noise whilst driving at higher speed. Smooth and responsive acceleration from a begin to higher-speed driving is also realised with a energy of 144hp/five,600rpm and a torque of 21.7 Kg-M/four,400rpm.

The NV350 Urvan gives ample load capacity and the interior layout tends to make maximum use of the bigger cargo space for each occupants and cargo. For instance, a folding seat is adopted so that a lengthy item can be loaded. Functional interior styling that provides a feeling of spaciousness. Smooth ingress/egress is realised by optimised positioning of the hand grips for each driver and front seats and enlarged distance in between the seat and steering wheel. Wider driver’s seat sliding variety and the adoption of tilt steering assist offer a roomy, comfy cockpit. Easy-to-study and higher-precision Fine Vision Metre combines with a Multi-Functional Display, which offers the driver with genuine-time fuel efficiency details, indication shift timing, as effectively as odometre and trip meter information.

The Urvan automobiles stand out with sophisticated attributes such as multi-functional show on the dashboard offering drivers with genuine-time fuel efficiency details, indicating shift timing as effectively as odometre and trip metre information. It also comes with a gear box situated on the instrument panel, an extended seat slide variety, tilt steering function, all redefined producing the cockpit location functional and straightforward to use. The car also comes with sophisticated attributes like keyless entry method with alarm button (optional) and reduce centre tray that can hold two – 500ml drink bottles and attributes a vent from the air conditioner to assist maintain drinks cool.

The NV350 Urvan considerably improves on earlier generations with very best-in-class fuel efficiency for all models, thereby top to reduce operating fees apart from enhanced driver and passenger comfort.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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