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Petroleum Development Oman launches new safety system

Petroleum Development Oman launches new security program

Ihtimam (I Care) is a match-for-goal tool produced by PDO to help in the identification of the root causes of unsafe behaviours enabling the system’s customers to create targeted options just before an incident happens.

This proactive method is accomplished by means of the use of customised observation cards, coaching, and prompt and active management of findings, requests and observations. It is at present becoming employed in numerous disciplines such as drilling, building, driving and catering. PDO has currently educated a lot more than three,500 PDO and contractor workers on the programme throughout trials and some organizations have currently recorded dramatic improvements in security overall performance. All involved in the initial pilot have praised the new programme with clear understanding and ownership from senior management to front line employees. The launch occasion, which took location at PDO’s Mina al Fahal headquarters, introduced Ihtimam to a diverse audience of stakeholders, such as employees and contractors, by means of an interactive exhibition featuring games, a maze and hazard rooms. It also showcased the value of identifying hazards in the instant atmosphere and how they have an effect on security each in offices and at worksites in the field.

In a speech delivered at the occasion, PDO managing director Raoul Restucci stated, “Safety is an overarching priority at PDO and we have worked hard to improve our performance in this regard by introducing a host of new control and mitigation measures. Ihtimam is one such measure which focuses specifically on the aspects of human behaviour which can lead to incidents. There is a need for constant compliance, vigilance and intervention whenever and wherever we witness dangerous conduct, practices and procedures. The responsibility lies with every individual, and this new system is a potential game changer in our industry and beyond.”

Ihtimam, which is replacing the extensively adopted Quit programme, has been piloted in PDO and a quantity of its contractors, prior to its official roll-out which started earlier this year. One organization reported that by introducing a quantity of security measures such as Ihtimam, it had skilled a substantial reduction in its Lost Time Injury Frequency going from six per million manhours to zero. PDO’s Corporate Health, Safety and Environment manager Mohammed al Salmani stated, “In developing Ihtimam, it was important that we created a system which not only serves PDO’s safety requirements better, but could also be implemented outside PDO. We are currently in the final stages of trade marking Ihtimam.”

Last year, PDO accomplished a record security overall performance with a Lost Time Injury Frequency per million manhours of .two – a reduction of nine per cent on 2016 and in the year to-date, the organization is delivering a additional 30 per cent reduction to .14.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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