Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
PDO sets Guinness Record for installing solar reflective lights on 650km road

PDO sets Guinness Record for installing solar reflective lights on 650km road

The business had fitted 43,550 solar-powered ‘cat’s eye’ units on a 650km stretch of highway in the south of its concession region from Haima to Salalah through Nimr, Marmul, Harweel and Thumrait.

Raoul Restucci, managing director, PDO received the commemorative shield from Guinness Book of World Records representative Ahmed Gamaledin Ahmed Gabr at a particular ceremony at Crowne Plaza Muscat. The company’s record beats the prior a single set in Japan more than a 220km distance.

The LED (light-emitting diode) reflective studs are charged by the sun in the course of the day and automatically turn on when the light is low, at evening or in a harsh climate atmosphere, such as fog, rain or sandstorms.

Since the installation of the reflectors was completed in February, there has not been a single fatality or accident at evening or in inclement situations on the route. Restucci mentioned, “PDO is strongly committed to road safety. We have launched initiatives to reduce hazards and improve driving standards and vehicle maintenance. These solar reflective lights represent one such initiative. They have significantly helped to prevent accidents and make motoring safer for thousands of people – PDO staff, contractors and the public – who use the route. This project combines two of our key priorities – road safety and renewable energy. I am delighted that our efforts have been recognised as a global record.”

Assigned to the Omani-Dutch business Fijen TMLE BV, the installation perform was completed just more than 4 months. The firm is primarily based in North Ghubra and has much more than ten years of international encounter in solar lighting on roads.

PDO has also fitted much more solar cat’s eyes more than a additional 444km stretch from Naith via Fahud, Lekhwair and Ibri in the north of its concession region. The business is aiming to cover a additional 494km on 3 stretches from Adam to Thumrait (a dual carriageway), Natih to Ibri and Ghaba to Saih Rawl through Qarn Alam by March.

At the exact same ceremony, PDO’s Road Safety team celebrated a record achievement of 750mn km driven without having a perform-connected fatal road accident. The distance is the equivalent of creating seven return journeys to Mars.

Restucci added, “This is a outcome of a committed and extensive concentrate on road security primarily based on compliance, instruction, education, technologies and communication with all our folks to make certain they know the value of driving safely and sustaining their automobiles effectively.

“Working with our key stakeholders, we have been able to roll out a raft of initiatives which have transformed our road safety record. However, we can never rest and our efforts must be redoubled to continue to enable everyone to return home safely at the end of each day.”

As component of the festivities, PDO’s contractor and sub-contractors best 75 drivers have been also presented with Best Driver awards, for their contribution in assisting the company’s road security efficiency attain a globe-class regular.

PDO operates an in-automobile monitoring program to boost driver requirements, and has a quantity of other road security systems such as a Journey Management Centre.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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