Thursday, 6 May 2021
As part of their values in serving Oman and customers with pride, Orpic in collaboration with Polyeco Gulf and the North Batinah Directorate General of Education present the PCAI Junior educational platform in Oman for the first time.

PCAI Junior educational platform presented in Oman

After its very first effective implementation in Greece, the environmental programme requires location in two distinct schools this July focusing on the ideas of recycling and the conservation of the public utilities. On this occasion, the students of the programme will conduct website visits, will participate in workshops and will create options for environmental concerns that, at the finish of the programme, are going to be captured on quick animated films. Polyeco Gulf was founded in 2015 in Muscat.

The business was developed in the context of Polyeco Group International Development that has established an substantial network of organizations undertaking significant environmental projects and creating it 1 of the biggest new entrants in the International Hazardous Waste Management Area, as effectively as offering solutions to all varieties of onshore and offshore facilities which includes oil terminals, production platforms, refineries, shipyards, oil recovery plants, energy stations, light and heavy industries, ports, harbours and marinas.

In the context of Polyeco’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Athanasios Polychronopoulos, executive chairman of Polyeco Group, developed the Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative (PCAI) in 2014 as a outcome of his genuine belief that art is the very best tool to stimulate dialogue about vital environmental concerns. The transition to moving image in the final decades as a dominant expressive medium is the primary purpose for PCAI’s major concentrate on video and film. PCAI straight commissions international and Greek artists to develop artworks on environmental concerns although also feeding on concerns of artistic practice.

Up to these days, PCAI has commissioned 14 moving image projects by renowned Greek and international artists and collaborates and supports organisations and artists by means of a wide variety of activities. With commitment and sensitivity to its part in society, PCAI also organises and implements PCAI Junior, a series of educational programmes for youngsters created to boost environmental awareness by means of digital art.

In March, Polyeco Gulf and Orpic decided to collaborate and present the revolutionary educational platform in Oman. The chosen institutions for the First PCAI Junior in Oman have been the Al Rakha and the Qais bin Saad Schools the entire project created below the assistance of the Directorate General of Education in North Batinah.

The knowledgeable PCAI Junior team of educators and artists implemented the programme in two summer season schools from July eight to July 12. The programme’s basic agenda is experiential studying and the simple tool for this achievement is  ‘learning by means of playing’.

All activities are website certain, hence enabling students to recognise the environmental threats of their location of residence, propose options and, ultimately, capture them in a short film. This summer season, PCAI Junior worked with two age groups addressing distinct environmental concerns. After a extended discussion about the plastic bag and it is damaging impacts in daily life, the group of youngsters have been asked to propose easy methods of dealing with this matter. 

In order to kind a story, the youngsters have been introduced to the marine life of the location of Oman and they learnt about certain species that are impacted from the use of bags by means of a collection of videos and presentations from the educators. Since the group has gathered the info, the youngsters kind their personal story utilizing different (art and moving image) methods that they discover in the course of the subsequent days. The final outcome of this method is an educational quick film that is developed by youngsters and it is issues and can be merely comprehended by other youngsters. 

PCAI’s basic scope is to reinforce environmental awareness, enabling young citizens to really feel a lot more accountable for life and their surroundings. Discussing about recycle, reuse, decrease and refuse youngsters turn out to be familiar with the terms and their substantial value in each day life. 

As the second stage, the group is asked to create tips about reuse and present them in class. Through this method, the group has the chance to believe critically and really realize the which means of reusing an object when transforming it into some thing new. 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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