Saturday, 3 Dec 2022
Passengers asked to report three hours before departure of flights on March 20

Passengers asked to report 3 hours just before departure of flights on March 20

The new Muscat airport will obtain the initial flight at 5.30pm while the initial flight will depart at 6.50pm.

In a circular issued to all travel agents in Oman, Dr Abdulrazaq J al Raisi, chairman, Board of Airline Representatives, Sultanate of Oman, stated, “You are kindly requested to inform all your passengers to report at the new airport three hours before flights’ scheduled departure time. This will help us ensure smooth handling of passengers and timely departure of flights from the new terminal.”

In the circular, agents have been asked to inform visa cancellation passengers to report at least 4 hours just before the departure of their flights to full the formalities.

“Kindly disseminate the above information to all your staff and inform your customers who have already booked and to those who will be making bookings for travel on or after March 20,” Dr Raisi stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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