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Parents advised to remain vigilant at Muscat Festival venues

Parents advised to stay vigilant at Muscat Festival venues

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Muscat Municipality has asked parents to take care of their kids whilst going to the festival venues. During the initial weekend of the festival, at least 50 kids have been reported missing at Amerat Park. Thousands of individuals have turned up to take pleasure in the festival activities at Amerat Park and Naseem Gardens because Thursday.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Hasina al Balushi, a Muscat Municipality official stated, “We continuously announce on the public address system asking parents to look after their children and not to leave them behind. “The footfall is more during weekends and we have to remain extra vigilant. Our volunteers and ROP personnel are on the job during the festival hours to ensure that things run smoothly at the venues.”

Another Muscat Municipality official, Samaya al Saidi stated, “Amerat Park saw huge crowds on Friday and Saturday. Most of the children who were brought at our help desk were less than five years old.”

Samaya stated that when a youngster is lost, he or she is brought to the aid desk space. “We flash the photograph on giant screens along with the name. Sometimes children do recall the contact number of their father or mother. This helps us to contact them directly. The child stays with us until the parent returns.”

Hasina stated that volunteers and ROP personnel are performing every thing to make the festival an enjoyable expertise. “A little bit of alertness on the part of parents helps everyone’s cause.” 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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