Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Pakistan deserves appreciation for fighting against terrorism, not accusations: Minister

Pakistan deserves appreciation for fighting against terrorism, not accusations: Minister

Iqbal who is at present going to Oman, told Muscat Daily
that Pakistan has produced innumerable sacrifices in its fight against terrorism and for the peace and stability in the area.

“We have lost close to 70,000 folks and the price to our economy has been much more than US$12bn. “Therefore no other nation can inform Pakistan we have been harbouring terrorists since we are fighting terrorists and we have effectively cleaned our nation of these components in the final 4 years via military and safety operations.

“As a result, there is 90 per cent drop in terrorism related incidents in Pakistan,” he mentioned. Iqbal mentioned peace and normalcy has been restored in the nation due to all-round efforts. “Therefore, President Tru-mp’s remarks are unfair and do not take into account that terrorism that we are facing in this area is a legacy of the US war against Soviet Union in Afghanistan.


“These militants were trained by Western agencies to fight the Soviets. After the Soviets withdrew, they left these militants without giving any support for ‘de-weaponising’ and ‘de-radicalising’them. ” He mentioned that Pakistan is these days living with three.5mn Afghan refugees of Soviet war. “No 1 has provided Pakistan a single dollar to assistance these refugees of West war against Soviet Union.

“Today, if two dozen Syrian refugees go to Europe or America ‘hell breaks’ or ‘sky falls’. But we have hosted more than 3mn refugees for more than three decades. Therefore, Pakistan deserves appreciation and understanding, not accusations,” Iqbal clarified. In order to bring stability in Afghanistan, each the US and Pakistan want to collaborate since without having our assistance, it is not achievable to get stability in the area, he mentioned.

“Pakistan has the biggest stake in stability of Afghanistan. We have an open border with Afghanistan which has been a source of destabilisation for our country.  “Therefore, we are committed to work with the international community to bring about normalcy in Afghanistan so that Afghan refugees can go back to Afghanistan,” Iqbal mentioned.

“Mr Trump should facilitate these 3mn refugees so that they can go back to Afghanistan. “Because with 3mn refugees living in Pakistan, you can never be 100 per cent sure who is living among their settlements. “If he wants to be 100 per cent sure that there are no miscreants living on the Pakistan side, he [Trump] must help us repatriate the 3mn refugees,” Iqbal added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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