Tuesday, 30 May 2023
PAEW to add ten desalination plants to its network by 2023

PAEW to add ten desalination plants to its network by 2023

Speaking to Muscat Daily
 on the sidelines of its Annual Media Forum, Mohammed bin Abdullah al Mahrouqi, chairman of Diam mentioned, “We will add more desal plants to our network this year and in the coming years. This year, three desal plants in Sohar, Barka and Quriyat will join the network. One plant will come up in Ibri in 2019, four in 2021 in Jalaan Bani Bu Ali, Masirah, Khasab and Wadi Dayqah, one in Ghubra in 2022 and another in Shinas in 2023.”

The forum reviewed the achievements produced in the water sector by means of numerous projects as nicely as the efforts exerted to decrease the quantity of water wastage. “The amount of water loss in 2017 was 84,633m3 compared to 264,118m3 in 2016.”

He mentioned that 50,000 clients joined PAEW network in 2017 taking the total to a lot more than 483,000. “We will soon implement a new system of reading water meters, called ‘remote reading’. The first phase will see the introduction of this system to around 5,000 subscribers in the Muscat governorate.”

As a economic help to subscribers, about 50 per cent of the expense will be borne by the authority, he mentioned.

Talking about the red tide phenomenon, Mahrouqi mentioned, “The red tide phenomenon along the Batinah coast has been brought under control. It has not affected water supply in the neighbouring governorates. Extra water was pumped from Sohar desalination plant for supply to South Batinah. Water was also supplied from Ghubra desal plant to customers in Seeb.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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