Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
PACP raids firm selling overhauled goods repackaged as new ones in Oman

PACP raids firm promoting overhauled goods repackaged as new ones in Oman

Al Fadl bin Naseer al Yahmadi, in charge of the Commercial Fraud Department, PACP stated, “We received a tip-off about a firm specialising in the manufacture and sale of metal products, machinery and equipment for construction, civil engineering, oil and heavy equipment. We collected evidence after an investigation and verification at the site of the firm by the officers of the judicial control over three weeks. We coordinated with the Public Prosecution and the ROP to raid the firm’s site.”

Yahmadi stated that about 40 workers of a number of nationalities have been arrested as they have been identified at the perform website not in compliance with HSE specifications. “They were modifying and overhauling used products to be sold as new ones. The firm was changing the old sequence numbers to new ones. A number of the accused admitted to the firm’s claim that they were buying used scrap metal and selling them to other firms as new, adding that this work was going on for more than three years.”

Omar bin Faisal al Jahdhami, vice chairman of the Consumer Services and Market Watch, PACP stated that the firm’s actions have been contrary to Article 7 of the Consumer Protection Law issued by Royal Decree 66/2014, which stipulates that it is illegal to trade in any counterfeit or broken goods. “Accordingly, the authority has taken legal action in coordination with the competent authorities.”

Jahdhami stressed that the authority is operating diligently to make certain that no organisation violates the customer laws. “Consumers should also report any irregularities that they may notice.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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