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Over 89,000 diabetics in Oman

Over 89,000 diabetics in Oman

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Dr Matlooba al Zadjali, founder of International Specialized Center for Heart and Vascular Diseases (MoH No 721/2018) mentioned, “The primary culprits for causing cardiovascular ailments are hypertension, diabetes, higher cholesterol and obesity.

“As per the latest statistics available, the total registered diabetic cases at the national level are 89,246.”

Furthermore, the most recent Ministry of Health’s (MoH) annual report shows that of 20,278 screened, 36.two per cent (above 40 years) have been identified to have Body Mass Index &gt30. “The cases are more in Al Wusta and Dhofar governorates.”

She added that of the two,959 newly-diabetic registered instances, 111 are regarded as to have coronary artery ailments.

Based on MoH’s annual report, the minimum age at which obesity or heart illness is diagnosed in Oman is 40 years.

Dr Matlooba mentioned that the detection age of non-communicable ailments (NCDs) is above 40 years in 2016. “About 20,278 were screened and 15 per cent have hypertension (blood pressure >=140/>=90) and 8.5 per cent have fasting blood sugar (FPG >=7).”

The instances in 2016 distributed by age group showed that about 55.eight per cent of the these registered have been with no complications, hypertension B P &gt 140/90 was diagnosed in 29.six per cent of diabetes sufferers.

Registered diabetic instances show that out of the six,442 new instances registered in 2016, females constituted 50.six per cent.

About 14.three per cent of the instances registered have been in the age group 45-49 years, age group 50-54 years (13.six per cent) and age group 40-44 years (14 per cent).

“Certainly, increasing tax on certain foods, more specifically fast food and soft drinks will reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases,” mentioned Dr Matlooba, adding, “Moreover, there is evidence to indicate that reducing salt in flour and bread will reduce the prevalence of hypertension.”

The National Health Survey on hypertension, which was performed in 2008 showed that the prevalence of hypertension was around 40 per cent.

Dr Matlooba mentioned that the ministry has taken a number of measures to boost the high quality of healthcare supplied to such sufferers which includes each preventive and curative measures at all levels.

“I see around 12 cases every day, mainly of hypertension, heart disease and heart failure,” she added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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