Saturday, 4 Feb 2023
Over 750 people walk 13km to retrace steps of ancestors

Over 750 individuals stroll 13km to retrace actions of ancestors

The trip was held at Wadi al Hawasnah in Khabourah in the North Batinah governorate.

Yaqoob Abdullah Mohammed al Hosni, head of the media committee of the trip mentioned, “Participants of this trip came from various governorates of the sultanate. There were a few foreigners too. People from France, New Zealand and a group of Americans were also part of the convoy.”

Hosni mentioned the caravan took 4 hours to total the journey from Al Bida village to Shakhbout village in Wadi al Hawasnah.

“The trip incorporated a number of activities such as fencing with sticks, reciting poems – Aazi, which embodies the originality of the previous with well-liked songs. The convoy incorporated camels and donkeys carrying numerous supplies and old goods accompanied by the art of begging.

“Participants made traditional painting depicting the old way of living,” mentioned Hosni.

He added, “The trip aimed to revive the way of life and practices of our forefathers. It was in a way tracing the footsteps of our grandparents although on a trail linking North Batinah and Dhahirah.”

Participants of the journey remembered the struggles and sufferings of their ancestors who traversed various terrains, drinking water from wadis, fighting adverse climate situations in summers and winters, Hosni mentioned.

“Last year, 400 people participated in the first convoy and after its success we decided to organise the second. We hope to organise this trip every year. We urge Omani youth to participate in such events.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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