Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Over 700 children compete in National Abacus Competition

Over 700 youngsters compete in National Abacus Competition

Winners of this competitors had been awarded the Champion Trophy (highest accolade 1 could attain), Gold Topper and Silver Topper medals for exhibiting their memory and concentration abilities.

The director of Brainobrain International, Anand Subramaniam, mentioned, “It has been a great delight to see the enthusiasm in the eyes of these little ones. Moreover, I was thrilled to experience the parents’ whole-hearted support in making each moment so marvelous. I am looking forward to the bond between us throughout the journey in Oman becoming stronger.”

Brainobrain Oman, in response to well-known demand is launching its sixth centre in Sohar subsequent week.

Brainobrain International is on its way to reaching each corner of the globe to empower young geniuses. Brainobrain Skill Development Programme is the initial of its sort to create multitasking in youngsters and transcend them into extraordinary ones. This programme will be launching operations in the 36th nation.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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