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Over 5,000 British troops to take part in Swift Sword 3

Over five,000 British troops to take element in Swift Sword three

Learning from the practices of the earlier Swift Sword 1 and two, the third edition of the joint workout to take spot later this month, will place to test the main military gear. It will also concentrate on disaster management and crisis management.

At a joint Omani-British press conference convened by the Moral Guidance of the Staff of the Sultan’€冱 Armed Forces on Friday, Brig Gen Hassan bin Ali al Mujaini, head of the Moral Guidance and the official spokesman for the workout, mentioned, “€彜wift Sword 3 exercise is the biggest of its kind, and disaster management and crisis management are two of the key areas that we are looking at. It has to be mentioned that all scenarios of war have been taken into account.”€・

He added, “€弋he most important of these scenarios are crisis management and provision of alternatives and that is why we involve civil government bodies such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Health, municipalities and other ministries which are participating alongside the British army.”€・

Speaking on behalf of British troops, Brig Gen Simon P Asquith, chief of employees, Standing Joint Force Headquarters, mentioned that the joint workout is the culmination of the lengthy standing relations among the two nations.

“€弋hese joint military exercises reflect the depth of the relationship between Oman and the United Kingdom. We will put to test and train on multiple uses of weapons. The most important is the development of joint capabilities and training on the Typhoon aircraft, the British Vogue aircraft and the operations through modern military vehicles, the Rat tanks ‘€呂hallenger’€・”€・he mentioned.

He added, “€弩e are participating in the Swift Sword 3 exercise with 5,500 participants from ground, air and naval forces including a number of weapons and equipment. It is a huge opportunity for both countries to learn from each other.”€・

He mentioned that all of this would be channelled via a unified joint command from Muscat governorate to handle the operations. “€弋his is also an opportunity to test the efficiency of newly introduced weapons from both sides,”€・he mentioned.

With regard to the lengthy gap among the Swift Sword two in 2001 and the Swift Sword three, it was clarified that the other phases have been purely national and only neighborhood forces have been involved with the participation of the weapons of the Sultan’€冱 Armed Forces and the rest of the military and other safety and government bodies in Oman, whereas the Swift Sword three is an international 1 with the participation of almost five,500 British troops.

Army officials also highlighted the value of civil participation at occasions of tropical circumstances, the most current of which was Mekunu which impacted Dhofar. The participation among the forces and the civilians had had a fantastic influence in overcoming the crisis.

The officials reviewed the value of the media in disseminating the particulars of the military workout routines to the public and urged all to refrain from sharing false, baseless or unfavorable news and to rely upon the government sources for details.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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