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Over 28% increase in visitors to Salalah tourism season 2018

Over 28% boost in guests to Salalah tourism season 2018

The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) revealed that about 94.four per cent of vacationers visited Salalah for recreational and entertainment purposes, with their quantity reaching 779,703. It was an boost compared to 604,774 in 2017.

As numerous as 12,966 vacationers visited their relatives, households and pals, although 23,281 had been on enterprise trips and 10,426 visited Salalah for other purposes.

According to NCSI statistics, primarily based on the outcomes of the survey on the quantity guests of the Salalah tourist season 2018, GCC guests, such as Omanis, comprised 90.six per cent of the vacationers, with their total quantity getting 748,515. It is a 29.9 per cent boost more than the quantity in 2017,
when it was 576,006. They had been followed by 48,907 Asian vacationers, a substantial boost compared to 44,801 in 2017 season.

The quantity of vacationers from other Arab nations was 22,306, although these from the European nations reached four,293. The quantity of vacationers from other nations was two,355.

As per the NCSI information, 77.1 per cent of guests had been residents of the sultanate, their numbers reaching 637,320. This is a substantial boost more than 500,112 in 2017. The quantity of non-residents going to Salalah tourism season 2018 reached 189,056, which is an boost compared to 1,819 guests in 2017.

The quantity of vacationers who reached Salalah by land was 656,853, an boost of 37.two per cent against 478,872 guests in 2017.

According to the information, 169,523 vacationers travelled to the governorate of Dhofar by air in the course of the season, which is a rise of two.1 per cent compared to 2017, when it was 166,059. About 122,194 guests reached Salalah by domestic flights and 47,329 via international flights.

The biggest quantity of guests to the Salalah tourist season came in the course of the period from July 1 to July 31, reaching 239,156. It was followed by the period among August 1 and August 31, with the total quantity reaching 372,998.

The quantity in the course of the period from June 21 June to June 30 was 36,456 and among September 1 and September 21, it was 23,766.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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